How I Edit My Instagram Photos


Guys! I’m obsessed with Instagram! (Now I know what you’re thinking… but unfortunately there is no way to say that without coming off as next level basic, so let’s face it, I am basic through and through!) That being said, I have tons of tips and tricks on how to edit and format your Instagram! 

Step 1: Take the Picture

This one is almost self explanatory. Get out there and take some quality pictures! Create a collection of stock photos by grabbing your BFF’s and having a mini photoshoot. Take pictures where ever you go! Make sure to stick with the basics of your “theme”. On lilsventure, I try to stick with blue (water and sky), but sometimes I get off theme and that is a-okay! As long as YOU love the picture, post away! 

Step 2: Apple Edit

If you are taking the photo on an iPhone, be sure HDR is on! This will make a huge difference in the quality of you photo. Before you edit on any app, using the apple editing tools your phone is equipped by clicking the edit photo button, then click the wand in the upper right corner. This will auto enhance the photo (up the exposure, fix any red-eye, etc). 

Step 3: Facetune 

I use the app Facetune for some pictures. If it is a close up portrait, I might blur out a blemish or two. Sometimes I’ll use the blur or detail tools to enhance the main focus of the photo. Facetune is great because if there is a portion of the background you dislike, you can simply color it out using the color match tool. It is a great app and I would highly recommend! 

Step 4: VSCO

VSCO is my go-to editing app! After importing the photo I’ll sharpen it up to about 4.5 to make it look more high-def. Sometimes I’ll play with the exposure, shadows, and temperature until I’m happy with how it looks. Next I’ll apply a filter. For lilsventure, I’m currently using the filter E3 for most of my photos. If the filter just doesn’t look right with that particular photo, I’ll use another filter similar to that one, still within the E class. I normally move the filter down to anywhere between 6-7.5, because 12 is just too much! 

Step 5: UNUM 

The app UNUM is an Instagram planning tool. It shows your current feed then allows you to import possible pictures, rearrange them, etc. It’s so helpful to plan your photos to see which pictures look good together! I’ll import my photos to the app, and rearrange until I’m satisfied!

Step 6: Post! 

All you have left to do is post away! Although posting at any time of day is perfectly okay, the best times to post are in the evening after 7:30 or in the early morning. These times are when most people are on their phones (mainly in bed) scrolling all their social medias! 

Have fun insta-lovers! 







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